We are driven by a passion

We translate our more than fifteen years experience in the TSL industry, into a set of competencies that allow for flexibility and individual approach to each business partner.


We have been gaining experience and intensively developing for more than 18 years, to get the satisfaction and loyalty of new customers, carriers and employees.

Our business characteristics are a professional approach, punctuality and flexibility, through which we have gained the trust of recognized brands on the market.

10 lat Sanmar

Nothing can better reflects the Sanmar Group's development as the numbers.

Over the past 18 years, we have increased the number of orders carried out annually and the size of our fleet. The number of employees in forwarding positions has increased from 3 to over 50 people! The result of these changes is also the multiple issuance of the company's gold compared to 2006. You can see everything on the development axis below.

Sanmar liczby
  • Establishing a company 31/10/2006
    Developing national transport
  • 2007
    Opening to international transport
  • Further development - we offer forwarding services
  • 2011
    Start of the branch in Skierniewice
  • Start of the branch in Łódź
  • 2015
    Start of the branch in Zielona Góra
  • Change of headquarters - purchase of your own property
    Start of the branch in Tychy
  • 2019
    Start of the branch in Kurnik
  • Purchase of new trailers and transport at controlled temperatures
  • 2022
    Start of a branch in Szczecin
  • Launch of branches in Kraków and Jasło

We are excited by our work and we fully engage in the implementation of every order, regardless of its size and the nature. We provide the highest quality services at every stage of their implementation. We are flexible, and we treat every client individually. For, We have been sharing the same values on which we have built our success for years.

The vision and the mission of our group are defined as follows:


To be recognizable, trustworthy brand on the European forwarding and transport market. Act on the basis of 3 basic values: professional approach, partnership and friendly working environment.


To supply transport and forwarding services with passion at the highest level, working with each customer on a partnership basis, in line with the slogan "Do it together.".

Boss Sanmar A Board PresidentMariusz Kaźmierczak

,,SANMAR is a company with a history, that looks into the future. The experiences gained over 10 years of our business and passion of people who make up this company, fill me with pride and satisfaction. A robustness, reliability, quality a partnership and a trust - this is our business principles that we have proclaimed from the very beginning of our business."

Vice Boss Sanmar Vice-President of the BoardSławomir Cieśliński

„SANMAR brand is created by people, because they are the most important value of our Group. We strive to meet the needs of each client with our full commitment every day. They say that we are unique, because we are able to meet any challenge. That’s true. The flexibility is our great advantage. We have created an organization in which we feel happy, and the work gives us a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. We are a group of people for whom the most important are the relationships and a care about themis reflected in everything that we do.”


A help for others firmly fits to our values​​. Corporate Social Responsibility is not a slogan for us but it’s a real mission and the commitment

for people who needs help. That is why we have been trying to provide activity and financially support for the selected initiatives for years.